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The duties and responsibilities of the Cattaraugus County Treasurer's Office are to receive, deposit and safeguard all County funds or funds in which the County may have an interest.

The Treasurer's Office is answerable for bank accounts; accounting records; investment of funds; payment of all authorized bills and debts of the County government, its departments and agencies.

The Treasurer's Office serves as custodian of court and trust funds, bail and certain other assets in which the County, State or other beneficiary may have an interest. This Office also acts as public administrator of estates upon appointment of the court.

The Treasurer serves as chief tax enforcement officer for the County. The Treasurer's Office functions as the collection agency for the towns, villages, cities and school districts in the County when taxes become delinquent. All unpaid tax bills are turned over to the Treasurer's Office for collection.

The Treasurer's Office also provides information and assistance to taxpayers and local collectors regarding the collection of taxes. It is instrumental in the preparation of the County budget process, as well as the closing of the County's books. It also monitors the activities of the numerous County agencies, as well as providing financial statements and information on the County.

The Treasurer's Office currently cares for the Payroll records of County Employees, and issues payroll checks.


Treasurer's in Cattaraugus County History
Dates (Years) Name Approximate Years
1817-21 Sylvanus Russell 4
1821-24 Daniel Hodges 3
1824-41 Staley N Clark 17
1841 Marcus H Johnson 3
1844 Truman H Huntley 3
1848 Clark P Washburn 3
1851 John P Darling 3
1854 Stephen McCoy 3
1857 J King Skinner 3
1860 Lambert Whitney 3
1863 J King Skinner 6
1869 Alonzo Hawley 6
1875 Jarius B Strong 3
1878 Alonzo Hawley 1
1878-1893 Henry O Wait 15
1894-1902 William Ely 8
1903-04 Elbert E Alderman 2
1904-06 Charles D Straight 3
1906-08 S H Bradley 2
1908-13 George Ferris 5
1914-25 B L Andrews 9
1926 J DeMott Laing 1
1927-50 Richard Farnham 23
1951-May 1964 Samuel C Henning
   (resigned due to health)
1964-74 Carl Fuss (appointed) 10
1975-86 Barbara Edwards 11
1987-91 Orville Johnston
   (resigned 1/3/92)
1992-March 30 Merton Burnham <1
1992-2020 Joseph G Keller 28
2020- Matthew J Keller Current