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Welcome to ... Cattaraugus County's Division of Planning Website


Cattaraugus County has one overarching goal and vision. It is to achieve a balance between urban and rural development trends, in order to protect Cattaraugus County for future generations:

  • As a place where people want to live, work, raise their children, retire and invest their earnings and futures.
  • As a community of diverse interests and attractions during the four seasons of the year, with a clean environment, creating a sense of excitement and a sense of place and identity.
  • As an attractive business setting, drawing people and commerce from a multi-state area and from the global economy, thereby bringing new income into Cattaraugus County and creating jobs, business opportunities, and hope for the future.
  • As an attractive community of mixed land uses, rural and urban, productively deployed and working cooperatively (rather than in constant conflict) for the benefit of residents, property owners, business interests, visitors, and the local tax base.


County Planning Service

Planning and Community Development Services - The County is involved in many inter-municipal and countywide plans and development projects. Work in this area is often performed with partners where the County Planning staff has a defined role representing the County's interest in the project or activity.

Planning Board - The Planning Division serves as staff for the County Planning Board, which must act upon referrals from local municipalities sent to the County under Sections 239 l and m of New York State General Municipal Law. The staff makes recommendations to the County Planning Board regarding these referrals. In addition, the staff also makes recommendations on State Environmental Quality Reviews (SEQR).

Agricultural Development Services

The Planning Division serves as a policy and technical advisor to the Cattaraugus County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board in administering the Agricultural District Program in the County, and in implementing the recommendations of the Cattaraugus County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan.

County Trails

We work with our local communities, groups and the many volunteers that help make our trails better.

Environmental Protection

We may be able to assist you with some of the following: Hazard Mitigation Plan, Flood Maps, Green Infrastructure, and Watershed Protection.

Community Support

A primary responsibility of the Planning Division is to provide support to many of the County's 43 municipalities in the areas of land use and comprehensive planning, zoning, geographic information systems, infrastructure development, and design guidelines for new construction and redevelopment.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Services - Cattaraugus County has established itself as a leader in GIS technology, and the Planning Division provides expertise in mapping and spatial analysis.



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