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We offer no cost technical assistance for:

  • Community Development Assistance
  • Marketing Technical Assistance
  • Grant Proposal Development Assistance
  • Infrastructure Location Mapping
  • Business Research
  • Financial Grant Packaging

Small Business Assistance & Loans

Illustration of person looking at a graph on a giant laptop. Source: undraw_finance_0bdk

Do you have a small business? Are you looking to start one? Need a loan for a small business?

The Cattaraugus County Business Help site, offers information and assistance to both existing businesses and people wanting to start a business.

Business Assistance & Incentives

All of Cattaraugus County's Business and Economic Development Agencies stand ready to work collectively to create the best incentive and financing package for your particular business endeavor.

Site Selection: Commercial and Industrial Properties

Illustration of some buildings partially under a dome with a location marker above. Source:undraw_best_place_r685

Cattaraugus County offers excellent locations for your business with available industrial and commercial properties.

Government Marketing Assistance

Do you have a product / service that you would like to sell to the government? The Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) can help you get started.