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The following files are for Veterans who are applying for a job in Cattaraugus County.


If you are a disabled or non-disabled veteran and wish to claim disabled veteran or non-disabled veteran credits you must supplement your job/exam application.

Please review these Instructions to Veterans and be sure to submit an Application for Veteran's Credit.  If claiming Disabled Veterans' credit, be sure to complete the Authorization for Disability Record and send it to your local Veteran's Administration.  A copy of a Member 4, DD-214 form must be submitted with your request for veteran's credit.

Enacted for all eligible lists established after 1/1/2014: War-time Veterans who had previously used non-disabled veterans credits for appointment or promotion and are subsequently certified by the Veteran's Administration as disabled veterans may be again be eligible for additional exam credits.  For further clarification, please view the NYS Civil Service FAQ's on the subject.