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The Cattaraugus County Fire Investigation Team is currently seeking candidates to fill a vacancy position of Fire Investigator.  If you meet the Criteria below and are interested in applying for the position, please complete the attached application and email it to before the extended deadline of Friday April 9, 2021.  

Criteria for Fire Investigator Application

  1. Applicants must have a High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  2. Applicants must have a minimum of ten years active duty with a fire department.
  3. Applicants must have the following schools:
    1. Fire Fighter One / Essentials or Equivalent
    2. Fire Behavior and arson awareness or Equivalent
  4. Applicants must have three references from fire department personnel.
  5. Applicants are expected to take the following classes if selected:
    1. Forty Hour - Introduction to Fire Investigation (Within the first year of appointment) however, if there is not an opening to CATTFIT within the time constraints set by the state for the 80hr class being completed, the Investigator may need to take the 40hr class again.  _______Initial
    2. Eighty Hour – Fire Investigation (Completed Within two years of appointment)
  6. Applicants will be expected to take and pass the Pro-Board Certification after the Fire Investigation eighty hour Class is completed. (Completed within a year)
  7. Applicants must understand members of the Cattaraugus County Fire Investigation team are on call 24/7.
  8. Fire Fighter applicants must be a current or past chief or assistant chief and a minimum of three years as an officer.
  9. Applications must be returned to by April 9, 2021.  Applications that are returned by any other means will not be accepted.

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