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Treasurer's Office

Cattaraugus County Treasurer, Matthew Keller, reminds property owners that they should pay their delinquent taxes by March 31.  If you still owe your current taxes, they will be returned to the County Treasurer for collection on April 1.  If you owe more than one year of tax to the County Treasurer's Office, you will be required to pay the newest tax first if they are not paid at the same time.

Currently, the County has almost completed the foreclosure of 2019 delinquent taxes.  We will be preparing the delinquent 2020 C/T taxes for foreclosure by ordering a search on July 1, and adding $270 search and foreclosure fee to the 2020 tax.  Therefore, if you owe the 2020 C/T tax, it would be a benefit to you to pay it before April 1.

Delinquent taxes can be paid online along with a convenience fee that you can review before final posting. Learn more about paying delinquent taxes.



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