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New York State passed the "NYSAFE ACT" which gives pistol permit holders the ability to "Opt-Out" and request that their permit information be kept private and confidential.

For Cattaraugus County residents that want to opt-out they need to:

  1. download the opt-out form
  2. fill out the opt-out form (print or electronically)
  3. mail, email or fax the form to the Cattaraugus County Clerk's Office

Download the "Opt-Out" form (NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption) from the New York State Troopers website

Completed forms should be returned to the Cattaraugus County Clerk at the address below:

Alan Bernstein
Cattaraugus County Clerk
303 Court Street
Little Valley, NY 14755

We will also accept these forms by fax (716-938-2773) or by e-mail at

Forms should be returned within the next 60 days.