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The Patrol Division of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's Office conducts traffic enforcement on a daily basis as a part of routine patrol. In addition to this, the Cattaraugus County STOP-DWI Program provides funding for two deputies who concentrate on DWI Enforcement. Through this program, routine patrols are added and periodic sobriety check points are conducted, usually in coordination with a neighboring police agency.

The Sheriff's Office routinely obtaines grant monies to fund extra patrols for the sole purpose of traffic enforcement. In connection with this grant, municipalities were asked to submit problem areas that they felt needed more enforcement. These areas received heavy patrols at the problem times. This program will continue as funding becomes available.

The Sheriff's Office also utilizes a "Radar Trailer" that was obtained with with grant money. This trailer is placed in areas plagued by problems with speeders and displays the speed of oncoming traffic to motorists. It is a helpful tool in warning motorists of the dangers of speeding and is very effective in slowing traffic while it is at the location. The trailer has the ability for officers to use the enclosed radar unit for enforcement efforts while on a site. Placements of the trailer are followed up on with patrols in the same area to reinforce the the message of adherence to the posted speed limits.