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The mission of the Cattaraugus County Health Department is to engage and empower the public of all ages to live healthier lifestyles through efforts of education, prevention, promotion, monitoring, accessibility, affordability, technology, testing, diagnosing, and treating.

CCHDstaff is non-discriminatory, knowledgeable, experienced, caring, compassionate, resourceful and willing to assist others in whatever venues available.


A community that embraces excellence and collaboration, capable of improving the population's health through data-driven decision making and policy development

Core Values

Excellence- work to strengthen the county's public health infrastructure

Collaboration - Continue public health partnerships with private, non-profit and faith based organizations, government and educational entities

Compassion- acknowledging ideas and opinions of every employee, citizen and consumer while working with the community in an empathetic and respectful manner

Innovation - cutting edge /evidence based approach to deliver public health

Professionalism- A high standard of competence and responsibility, while striving for occupational growth

Integrity-delivering services ethically, morally, honestly among employees, management and the public

Accountability- taking ownership of our professional duties, conduct, actions and resources entrusted to us


Catt. County is an Accredited Health Department by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)