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Probation Department Header
Salamanca Team
  • Probation Officer Scott Crowell
  • Probation Officer Richard Blemel
  • Probation Officer Collin Quigley
  • Probation Officer Kelly Jordan
  • Probation Assistant Lisa Schultz

Olean Team
  • Probation Officer Christopher Giermek
  • Probation Officer Melissa Dieteman
  • Probation Officer Heather Snider
  • Probation Officer Christopher Woodring
  • Probation Assistant Jennifer MacNeill

The Adult Supervision Unit provides pre-sentence and pre-plea reports to the local Criminal Courts and the Cattaraugus County Court. These reports provide the Courts with background information on the defendant's prior legal history, family make-up, employment history, treatment needs and current situation. The officers in this unit also contact victims of crime to ensure that the Court is informed of the damage done to victims and what steps need to be taken to assist victims to restore their losses.

Probation Officers in this unit supervise offenders ages 16 and older who have been sentenced to probation, released under supervision or granted a Conditional Release from the County Jail. Conditions of Probation and Release are based upon the offender's needs especially in the areas of education, training, employment and treatment. Alcoholism, substance abuse, and mental health needs are identified and addressed through the use of assessment tools administered by the adult probation officers. Risk assessment tools are used to help ensure public safety. An offender's supervision level is determined based upon past legal history, current situation, and needs.

The Adult Supervision unit includes the following specialized programs along with regular probation supervision: