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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) classes we offer:

*Our office is the New York State Course Sponsor for Certified First Responder (CFR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes in the county.  This means that we coordinate and sponsor all CFR and EMT original and refresher training held in Cattaraugus County.  Questions about, and sign-ups for, all CFR and EMT courses should be directed to Robert Kuhn, County EMS Coordinator at (716) 938-2244 or

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EMT and CFR Course Information:

2023 EMS Training Schedule (updated 7/2023)

EMT and CFR Course Prerequisite Training:

EMS Case Studies with the Medical Directors 10/26/2023
2023 EMS Training Schedule as of 7/2023
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Course in Salamanca, 1/11/2023
EMT Original and Refresher Course in Delevan beginning 1/17/2023 (flyer)
CME Program EMT Skills Verification in Delevan 1/18/2023
EMT Original and Refresher Course in Cattaraugus beginning 3/13/2023 (flyer)
EMT Original and Refresher Course in Allegany beginning 8/28/2023 (flyer)
EMT Textbook Purchase Policy and Info *UPDATED 11/30/2021*
CFR/ EMR Textbook Policy and Information *UPDATED 7/11/2016*
DOH 3312-Verification of Membership & Course Liability Form