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Kathleen M. Ellis: Commissioner

The Commissioner is responsible for the overall operation of the Public Works Department and the maintenance of the 395 miles of road, 265 bridges, 258 culverts, and 1,530 drainage structures under the county's jurisdiction. This also includes oversight of the following divisions: Highway, Fleet, and Refuse.

Michael J. Prinino: Deputy Commissioner

Mike has oversight of the accounting operation at the Public Works Department; which includes seeking, filing, and receiving State and Federal dollars to help pay for construction projects throughout the county.  In addition, Mike provides support to special projects and initiatives for the Highway, Fleet, and Refuse divisions.

Dawn Smith: Procurement Specialist

Dawn sends the specifications to companies and after the opening of the bids or proposals, she reviews them with the appropriate department heads and then makes recommendations to the DPW Committee and Legislators.


William A. Fox, P.E.: Director

Bill is in charge of the Engineering and Highway Divisions for Cattaraugus County.  He is primarily in charge of the county's infrastructure improvement program and oversees the department's maintenance program.


Scott Andrews: Operations Manager

In this position, Scott is responsible for overseeing road repair and maintenance activities among DPW's six highway barns. DPW highway facilities are strategically located throughout the County to provide the best service possible.

Fleet Maintenance:

Jeff Harrison: Fleet Maintenance Supervisor 

Jeff's duties include supervising the maintenance and repairs of a variety of automotive and mechanical equipment for all county departments.  He also administers fleet management operations and makes recommendations on vehicle replacement and purchases.


Mark Shaw: Waste Management Coordinator

Mark is responsible for the overall daily operation of the solid waste division of the DPW.  This involves the operation of seven transfer stations located throughout the county, overseeing trucking and disposal operations, special projects such as hazardous waste programs, and permitting of refuse vehicles. 

Weights and Measures:

 Austin Kimes: Director

Austin's duties include visiting stores, markets, warehouses, gas stations and other establishments throughout the County in order to ascertain the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices.