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Public Work Facts

Seasonally, employees spend their time maintaining 392 miles of roadway as well as 264 bridge structures, 256 culverts, 1,500 drainage pipes, 6,800 access culverts, 40 miles of guide rail, 5,000 sign installations and 10,000 signs.  Additional staff members from the Engineering Division, Fleet Maintenance and Fab Shop, Sign Shop, Parts Room, Fiscal Operations Team, and Bridge and Guide Rail Crews ensure that these projects are completed and roads are maintained in a timely manner.

Winter Road Maintenance

The Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works oversees snow and ice control for county roads.  Snow and ice control is emergency work and is accomplished as efficiently and expeditiously as possible with the resources available to county government.  As part of its mission the Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works conducts sanding and snow removal operations to mitigate hazardous driving conditions during snow and ice events.  Cattaraugus County does not guarantee that streets will be completely free of snow and ice after plowing.  Bare and dry pavement should not be expected; rather, Cattaraugus County attempts to maintain an adequate driving surface for properly equipped vehicles and drivers prepared for winter driving conditions.

Snow and ice operations are conducted seven (7) days a week as needed on 392 miles of highway.  This winter maintenance also occurs at the seven (7) Transfer Stations, two (2) County Centers, the Cattaraugus County Jail, and the DPW Building, as well as on location at several "rented" facilities.

Reporting Highway Conditions

Please note:  Hazardous county highway conditions should be reported to the Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works headquarters at 716-938-9121.  We appreciate your assistance in helping us keep the county roadways in Cattaraugus County in safe operating condition.


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