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Judy L. Harrington Recipient of the 2000 Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award

Judy L. Harrington, Mayor of the Village of Franklinville received this Community Leadership Award for starting and continuing a major effort to revitalize the Village of Franklinville. In her leadership role, Judy recruited and motivated a diverse group of volunteers to work on the village's behalf. Her outstanding work included leadership on the following projects:

Red Bricks - Judy was successful in getting NYSDOT to change its mind and install red bricks on Route 16 through the Village of Franklinville when its engineering work was almost completed for re-doing Route 16 without red bricks.

1800's Style Street Lamps - Judy stood strong until Niagara Mohawk agreed to place the electric wires in the historic downtown park underground and install 1800's style street lamps. She put $13,000 in the Village budget at a crucial time for the street lamp project.

Randall Arendt's Demonstration Housing Conservation Subdivision - Judy insisted that the Village apply for this project in order to create new housing opportunities within the Village.

Historic Preservation and Heritage Tourism in the Village - Judy has supported the Annual Maple Festival and the effort to get the Miner's Cabin nominated to the National Register of Historic Places (listed March 2003).

Fishing Enclave - Judy pushed for support to obtain grants to build an off-sheet parking and cleaning area for people who fish in the Ischua Creek near the historic downtown.