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Rick LeFeber Recipient of the 2000 Brooks Patterson Community Leadership Award

Rick LeFeber, Executive Director, Cattaraugus Local Development Corporation (LDC), received this Community Leadership Award for making the LDC one of Cattaraugus County's most successful community organizations, which is devoted to revitalizing villages. Rick promotes locally owned businesses, especially in the new electronic economy, which is ideally suited for our rural villages. His outstanding work includes leadership on the following projects:

  • Red Bricks - Rick pioneered the first effort in the County in the past 50+ years to get red bricks installed on Route 353 in the downtown area of the Village of Cattaraugus.
  • 1800's Style Street Lamps - Rick helped raise money and oversaw the installation of the 1800's style street lamps in the Village of Cattaraugus at a time when the local belief was that it couldn't be done and would cost too much. 
  • "Rails To Trails" Project - Rick spearheaded the idea, planning, grantsmanship, and recruitment of a network of supporting volunteers for the 13 mile "rails to trails" project from the Village of Cattaraugus to Salamanca, which led in May 2000 to the LDC, the Village of Little Valley and the volunteer committee (START) receiving 1.5 million in grants to build the trail. 
  • Historic Preservation Institute - Rick has been a persistent organizer and consensus builder in negotiating partnerships to create a Historic Preservation College in the Village of Cattaraugus.