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The Cattaraugus County Health Department offers Childhood Developmental Services for children and their families. The following programs can help you with evaluations of a child's development, insurance options, referrals, advocacy, obtain support services and financial assistance options.

Childhood Developmental Services - Contacts

General Inquiries - (716)-373-8050

Early Intervention Program

Kevin D. Watkins, M.D., MPH, Early Intervention Official - (716) 701-3382

Patty Cheek, Early Care Service Coordinator - (716)-701-3643,

Peggy Keller, Early Care Service Coordinator - (716)-938-2478,

Jennifer Schosek, Early Care Service Coordinator - (716)-938-2472,

Lanette Shaw, Keyboard Specialist II - (716)-701-3280,

Child Find Program

Nikki Pratt, Child Find Assistant - (716)-701-3290, 

Children with Special Health Care Needs Program

Matthew Tyssee, Resource Coordinator - (716)-701-3375,

Physically Handicapped Children's Program

Matthew Tyssee, Resource Coordinator - (716)-701-3375,

Catt. County is an Accredited Health Department by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)